Volunteering with Animals

By Jaclynn Joseph

It’s time for a Dog Walk at Animals Taiwan!

How about getting some exercise, meeting some cool people, and showing some sweet and cuddly shelter dogs your love and care? Then come down to Animals Taiwan to walk some dogs and help out at the shelter. The dogs really appreciate you walking them. This I can guarantee.


I love animals and can’t get enough of them and take every opportunity I can to help out strays and homeless animals. At Animals Taiwan I help to organize weekly dog walks for groups of up to 10 people (as too many people at a time gets too hectic for the staff). We usually meet at Jientan MRT, exit 1, around 1:30pm on Sundays.

We will group people together and go by taxi, which is a short, 100NTD taxi ride that you can share the cost of. We will wait 10 minutes for volunteers, then we’re gone! If you have never come dog walking before, you are most welcome to join us. If you have been before, then we look forward to seeing you again!!

What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes, clothing that might get some happy-dog prints or dog hair on them, water for yourself and your camera!

Besides walking the dogs, we oftentimes help out at the shelter, cleaning the place, washing the animals and playing the cats (yes, they have cats as well).


I lead volunteer groups to Animals Taiwan about every other weekend. You are also welcome to contact the shelter directly at the links below and pop by there when you have free time. You can see their visiting times at the graphic below:


Animals Taiwan台灣動物協會 is a national, non-profit organization, committed to improving the welfare of stay dogs and cats, located near Jientan MRT. They can be contact through their website: www.animalstaiwan.org  or through their Facebook: www.facebook.com/animalstaiwan

Foreign Students Volunteer Club: www.facebook.com/groups/656572741079333/
Animals Taiwan Dogwalkers: www.facebook.com/groups/329395617107076/

10676239_10153228068744470_5896060053727407443_nAbout the Author:

Jaclynn Joseph is an organizer of the Foreign Students Club, and heads the Foreign Students Volunteer Group. She is a former fashion model, a teacher, a volunteer, and a masters graduate from Ming Chuan University.